Teaching, University of Toronto 

SOC204: Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Sociology (Summer 2017)

SOC367: Race, Class and Gender (Summer 2017, 2016)

SOC380: Gender, Politics, and Society (Fall 2014) 

Student Evaluations: 

Gender, Politics, and Society, Fall 2014:

“This was by far, the most intellectually stimulating class I took this semester. The professor's ability to ignite class discussions about the weekly topics was extremely beneficial and made learning the material much easier and much more fascinating than simply just listening to a lecture.”
“The instruction by Professor Maiolino was excellent! She has a very creative and organized teaching style and she keeps each class very interesting with media moments, relevant clips from documentaries or current affairs. Her tests are very fair and her term paper was actually fun to complete! I hope she teaches this course again to future students because she's very knowledgeable and she brings a fresh and hip atmosphere to the classroom, if that makes sense.”

“Elise created an environment that was easy to learn in and had clear “real life” examples. This encouraged me to pay attention and understand the key concepts. The tests and assignments were not only very fair, but also really expanded on the important course concepts.”

Race, Class, and Gender, Summer 2016:

“The class was engaging, and very interesting to be apart of. This was my first ever class at UTSG and I wasn't really sure how the atmosphere would be like. One difference for sure, is the high level of participation among students in this class. I believe a large reason for this is because the professor continuously applies recent examples (ex. Through films, songs, etc.) and allows us to think critically of how certain concepts (i.e. intersectionality) can be applied at any context. She allows us to think above and beyond and encourages us to use what we have learned in the course outside the course, in the work sphere, and etc.”

“The instructor, Elise, was very enthusiastic and made a lot of effort to integrate different learning mechanism for students to understand the course subject. She was available to speak outside of her office hours, which was very beneficial for the essay component of the course.”

“I’ve really enjoyed this course not only because of the content material, but also because Elise made every effort to ensure that we understood the material. Her lectures were well organized and presented and you can see that she genuinely wants to make sure we do well without being lenient.”